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Camden County DWI Offenses

Camden County ranks second in terms of DWI offenses statewide with almost three thousand written each year. This is an extremely gaudy statistic when you consider this county is only the ninth most populated in New Jersey and far from the largest at 227.29 square miles. The City of Camden accounts for as much as twenty five percent of the DUI total with Cherry Hill, Gloucester City, Gloucester Township, Pennsauken and Winslow also serving as significant contributors. If you were arrested for drunk driving in Camden County, you are exposed to serious mandatory penalties absent your convincing the court that there is a fatal defect in the prosecutor’s case. This is the only way to avoid these serious consequence since it is illegal to plea bargain a N.J.S.A. 39:4-50 charge. There is no better weapon for accomplishing this objective than a skilled NJ DWI defense lawyer.

Highly Qualified DUI Lawyers Serving All Of Camden County

Our firm, The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall, has been successfully defending individuals charged with DUI for several decades in Camden County. Our accomplishments have led to our now being the largest drinking and driving defense firm in the state with eight skilled attorneys and former prosecutors. Many of the members of our team also have advanced training in this area of law. For example, there are less than ten lawyers in New Jersey who are dual certified on the Alcotest and as instructors in Standardized Field Sobriety notwithstanding these being two primary tools to establish intoxication. Three of the lawyers at our firm possess both these certification placing them in very limited company. We are prepared to utilize our experience and training to insure that the very best outcome is achieved in your case. Lawyers are available by calling our Cherry Hill Office anytime 24/7 at 856-662-8300. We offer representation throughout Camden County including:

Irrespective of where you were stopped and subsequently arrested for DUI along the 2,045.06 miles of roadway in Camden County, we are definitely well equipped to derail the offense. Skill is crucial to your avoiding the consequences that come with a conviction since the only way to escape the penalties of 39:4-50 is to legitimately win the case.

Camden County DWI Attorneys

There is no doubting the fact that our firm possesses qualifications that are hard to find anywhere in New Jersey. This should send two clear messages to you. First, our DWI attorneys have a level of knowledge in this area of law that is rare. The second thing that this fact should evidence is that we are committed to providing our clients with the absolute best chance of a favorable outcome by assembling a team with experience and training that is exceptional. For an immediate free consultation with a lawyer on our staff, call our Cherry Hill Office at 856-662-8300. An attorney is available around the clock to assist you.

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