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Passaic County DWI Offense

Passaic County is a powerhouse for DWI offenses despite being one of the smaller counties in New Jersey. There is no doubting that the population density and concentrated traffic on its 1,320.70 miles of roadway play a significant role in the higher amount of DUI charges. Portions of the the Garden State Parkway,  Interstates 80 and 287, U.S. Route 46, NJ Route 3 and a host of other major highways lie within the approximately 197 square miles of Passaic County. Clifton, Paterson and Wayne are all located in the area of these motor vehicle arteries and are historically the highest producers of N.J.S.A. 39:4-50 violations. If you were charged with DWI anywhere in Passaic County, you need to take the selection process of an attorney very seriously. There is no plea bargaining permitted in the case you are facing so it is imperative that you hire a lawyer with the ability to mount an effective defense. Schmoozing has no role in success since downgrading or dismissing the charge is totally illegal absent a legitimate legal basis being placed on the record in open court.

Skilled DUI Lawyers Are Ready To Craft Your Defense

The lawyers at The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall have unique credentials to insulate you from a conviction. There are few firms in the entire state, let alone with a significant presence in Passaic County, that possess over 100 years of experience defending as well as prosecuting DWI cases. This qualifications places us in rare company but is far from the end of what we can offer. Three of the members of our team, Jonathan Marshall, Colin Bonus and William Proetta, are certified on both the Alcotest and as instructors in Field Testing by the NHTSA. There are very few attorneys statewide who possess this dual certification, certainly less than ten, although these two testing methods are the primary ones used by police to establish intoxication. Our extensive training and experience equips us with the tools to effectively dissect a charge such as yours. This is probably the primary explanation for our attorneys many success stories defending charges in Passaic County. For a free consultation with an attorney on our staff, call our Wayne Office (973-839-4007) or Clifton Office (973-735-2840) anytime 24/7.

Representing Individuals Charged With DUI Throughout Passaic County

Our firm routinely appears in municipalities throughout Passaic County. An attorney with the tools necessary to win your matter is ready to serve you anywhere in this jurisdiction including in towns such as:

Passaic County DWI Attorney

Members of our staff have appeared in these and the other municipalities in Passaic County countless times and are well acquainted with the personnel and practices in all of the municipal courts. Our attorneys have also learned from our repeated dealings what the most productive approaches are to achieving a favorable outcome. We know what paths are going to place clients in the best position for victory and what is a road to failure with the prosecutor and/or judge. A member of our staff is ready to put an effective defense plan into action for you. To speak to a New Jersey DWI attorney at our law firm now, call one of our Passaic County Offices. Lawyers are available around the clock to help individuals who have been arrested and charged with DWI.

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